Best fantasy manhwa recommendations reddit

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Unfortunately, her looks and hair color make her look like a vampire, and Duke’s house gets her as a slave. the mage that returned 4000 years later. Because of a car accident, Ran transmigrated into the novel she wrote when she was 15 years old and became the male protagonist Yustaf's vicious step-sister. .


Days of Hana; 10.

rebirth of an 8th circled wizard.


Baek XX.

. . . Miss Not-So Sidekick- 152 (most hilarious one) The Tyrant's Only Perfumer- 30 (paused) Aidin- 4 (dropped: too serious) A Way To Protect The Lovable You- 45.

r/manhwa. I Woke Up as the Ugly Duckling. .

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A love between siblings who are not related by blood.

Sauce - Dungeon odyssey It has such a unique art and dungeon exploration system that i have never seen before, plus point for the cutest workers. r/manhwa.

And also a movie which is also a great hit in the box office. .

Lumine; 13.

Vote. I've started discovering manhwa recently and so far I've read: Tower of God Solo Leveling The Skeleton Soldier Couldn't Protect the Dungeon Wondering if there's something similar and equally interesting to read.



. TappyToon. . ] 18.

Noblesse. "The Viridescent Tiara" is a fantasy, historical genre romance manhwa by Sarkk, Siya. This increased popularity was just the push creators needed to further embrace the. Strongest Caveman.

Sup Everyone-------Let's be honest, it's boring and annoying to wait a whole week for just one new chapter of a manhwa.

. Vote. Hyejung, who is 25 years old, loves binge-reading novels to relax from her work.

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Fantasy Manhwa Recommendations? Im lookin for manhwa with amazing world building sorta stuff, i know manga is amazing with this genre, but i really rarely see it with.

looking for manhwa recommendations I'm stumped and can't find anything to read I like action/fantasy reincarnation etc please comment some of your recommendations!! 1. Really enjoy the Fantasy settings, Well developed world/system/events, good MC power progression, Character/Relationship development, no instant OP MC bullshit (read too many Manhwa/Manga like this, I'm absolutely turned off by it now). . .